Windows 10 features

Windows 10 is new upgrade version to your computer who are using windows 7, windows 8 & windows 8.1. It’s going to be a free upgrade to who are eligible.Users can enjoy many windows 10 features which are pretty useful including with UI changes.

Windows 10 features:-

1. Start button is back and now with Metro theme:

For windows 8 users it was very awful to use start menu without start. button.Though windows 8.1 came up with start button later there are still many people using windows 8. Now windows 10 is offering a mixed theme from windows 8 metro screen (tiles) and windows 8.1 start menu which is looking cool.

2. Hello Cortana :

Yes, It is true that windows 10 features included with a big surprise which is Cortana a virtual voice assistant tool (like siri).

3. Responsive:

Windows 10 is optimized to work on all your windows devices like desktop, tablet and windows phone, which is very helpful while using cloud based applications.

4. New Browser Microsoft edge :

There is no internet explorer from now, but a new browser Microsoft edge which is also responds to your voice based searches using cortana. The coolest thing is it lets you take notes, write and highlight directly on webpages.

5. Multi windows: 

You can able to use 4 screens at a time, which is helpful in multitasking.

6. Wifi sense:

WIFI sense is an utility in windows 10 to share your wifi passwords with your contacts just like in windows phones. You can disable it manually.

Microsoft listed Video link :

The remaining windows 10 features are virtual box to run virtual Operating systems (like vmware), command prompt which supports keyboard shortcuts, xbox game console integration and many built-in applications.

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