How to Stop Wi-fi sense in windows 10 ?

Wi-fi sense in windows 10 allows you to connect with shared hotspot networks from your contacts.As per Microsoft, ” It automatically connect you to Wi‑Fi networks that your Facebook friends, Outlook contacts, or Skype contacts have shared with you after you’ve shared at least one network with your contacts. When you and your contacts share Wi‑Fi networks with each other, you give each other Internet access, but don’t get to see each other’s passwords. No networks are shared automatically. When you first connect to a network that you decide to share, you’ll need to enter the password, and then select the Share network with my contacts check box to share that network.”

Though there is no way of visible passwords here, some people wants to secure their network.

Steps to Turn-Off the wi-fi sense:

  1. Go to Settings, then click on NETWORK & INTERNET ,windows 10 settings
  2. Under the list of WI-FI, choose MANAGE WI-FI settings,
  3. There you can turn off the sharing the wi-fi with your contacts and open hotspots Manage wi-fi sense in windows 10

Wi-fi sense in windows 10 needs your permission to share the network with your facebook friends. To share your network with any of your contacts you need to click on share button under the Manage known networks .wi-fi sense in windows10

For more details about Wi-fi sense, read FAQ .This wi-fi sense is only available with windows 10.

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