Why is my Computer so slow?

Ever wondered why is your Computer running slow? Yes ! many of us might come across this situation.So today you are going to know few reasons that affects your computer’s speed.

Reasons for your computer’s slow performance :

1. Not sufficient RAM:-

If your are computer is not having enough RAM to run multitasking, you may able to see your computer running slow.Specially if you are fond of games and photography related applications (Photoshop,light room) ,you need to have more RAM memory (min 8 GB).

2. Antivirus/spyware/malware:-

To explain these terms simply, the program that is harmful/unsecured/annoying which may enter into your computer through browsers, USB drives & spam mails. Every computer must have an antivirus,internet security to protect your data while browsing and doing online payments.

3. Kill the background applications :-

We often forget to close the applications that we are not using. Paint, word, browser etc while watching a video, so it is better to avoid multitasking when you don’t need them actually.

4. Don’t keep your computer ON for hours:-

Unless you are working on something continuously, it is good to restart your computer often to avoid heating up of core processors which can yield to slow computer performance.

5.Remove the junk files:-

Clean up the temporary files and folders on regular interval of time like 2 to 3 weeks to make hard disk free and faster.

6. Do proper Drive partitions:-

When you have everything in one drive, it causes heavy load on the RAM & processors while searching or accessing the drive. Making the hard disk into 3 or 4 drives is a good practice.

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7. Install all important windows updates:-

Updates are software patches that can help prevent or fix problems, improve how your computer works, or enhance your computing experience.

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Still your computer so slow?, Take a technician help to fix it.

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