Simple steps to speed up your computer

Computer is a sophisticated integration of several processors, silicon chips, memory devices, power supplies and many more!  Without a proper maintenance your computer won’t be functional properly at it’s best performance.Despite of these, there are other reasons that makes your computer running slow.

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speed up computer

Follow the steps to speed up computer:

1. Clean-up your hard disk :-

There are so many unnecessary files will be saved in your hard disk on day to day activities. We have to clean them up to maintain free space in the hard disk. Use the Disk cleanup option to free up the hard disk.

2. Remove malware/spyware:-

Use a good anti spyware software to remove malware from your computer. Malware bytes is pretty good to protect your computer from spyware.

3. Remove unwanted start up programs :-

So many programs are designed to run automatically on start up list of your computer. Uncheck them (which are not useful every time) to reduce the burden on the processor.

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4. Delete your browsing history/cache/cookies:-

Remove the browsers cache and cookies files regularly to avoid slow performance of your browsers.

5. Defragment your hard disk:-

It is good process of maintaining the hard disk by often fragmentation process.

6.Increase your hardware specifications :-

Though you have been following all the above steps, when you are using multimedia programs  like games, Photoshop which requires more RAM capacity,  graphic-card   you need to upgrade them.

These are the important steps to follow to speed up your computer.

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