How to fix windows update errors?

Updates are software patches that can help prevent or fix problems, improve how your computer works, or enhance your computing experience. Sometimes users might encounter few windows update errors.

To check your installed window updates, follow the steps.

Start–>Control panel –> Programs and Features –> View installed updates(on left side panel)

You can check any security patch, application update in search bar of view installed updates window.

Possible reasons for your windows update errors:

1.Connectivity problem:-

  •  Check your internet connection
  • Try another wifi connection
  • Reset the Modem
  • Check your network settings 

2. Firewall/antivirus settings

  • Stop the firewall/antivirus for a while and try the failed windows updates.

3. File corruption issues:-

4. Operating system issues:-

If you are still unable to fix windows update errors, Take a technician help to resolve this issue and enhance your computer performance.


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