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How to set your default apps in windows 10?

windows 10 settings

Windows 10 Native apps are good in some cases.. but when it comes to search engine Google is preferable, Chrome or Firefox over the new Edge. Now set your default apps in windows 10 easily with your favourite and most used applications. The search engine, maps, media player, camera etc…. Read more »

How to Stop Wi-fi sense in windows 10 ?

windows 10 settings

Wi-fi sense in windows 10 allows you to connect with shared hotspot networks from your contacts.As per Microsoft, ” It automatically connect you to Wi‑Fi networks that your Facebook friends, Outlook contacts, or Skype contacts have shared with you after you’ve shared at least one network with your contacts. When… Read more »

Get Windows 10 Icon Missing

Get windows 10 upgrade Icon

If you see “Get Windows 10 Icon” in the task bar, You are eligible to get Windows 10 on the releasing date itself (July 29 2015). There are few points to be noted down. The computer which has Get windows 10 icon can automatically download windows 10 setup files so user… Read more »