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How to fix windows update errors?

Updates are software patches that can help prevent or fix problems, improve how your computer works, or enhance your computing experience. Sometimes users might encounter few windows update errors. To check your installed window updates, follow the steps. Start–>Control panel –> Programs and Features –> View installed updates(on left side panel)… Read more »

Why is my Computer so slow?

Ever wondered why is your Computer running slow? Yes ! many of us might come across this situation.So today you are going to know few reasons that affects your computer’s speed. Reasons for your computer’s slow performance : 1. Not sufficient RAM:- If your are computer is not having enough RAM to run multitasking,… Read more »

Simple steps to speed up your computer

speed up computer

Computer is a sophisticated integration of several processors, silicon chips, memory devices, power supplies and many more!  Without a proper maintenance your computer won’t be functional properly at it’s best performance.Despite of these, there are other reasons that makes your computer running slow. Read also: why is my computer so slow ? Follow the… Read more »